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Lost Puppy provides Website Maintenance, care and support

Keeping a website active, updated and interesting is an integral part of a business. But it does take a lot of work. Lost Puppy provides a wide variety of services that entails website maintenance. We work with business and enterprises to keep their websites running successfully. Our website maintenance services ensure the website runs smoothly, keeping the progress stable. Connecting with customers, keeping the content engaging and the appearance appealing are some of the features of our web maintenance services.

We fix bugs

If a business website has bugs and faulty codes, we work on them to keep it free from the unwanted jargon. We take care of all the aspects of the website to keep it running perfectly. Removing broken links, servicing shopping carts, forms and keeping the website user-friendly is a part of our website maintenance services.

We keep the service and product pages updated

A business website should go hand in hand with the progress of the business. Updating it on a regular basis is imperative for a business's growth.

We provide content development services

A website shapes the opinions of an organization or brand which is conveyed to the consumers. Therefore, the online credibility of the business is dependent on the website. This makes it all the more important for websites to be updated, user-friendly and have powerful content.

Our website maintenance services keep websites optimized for search engines, helps in increasing leads and visibility.

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